Repair Or Replace – Which Is Best?

Repair Or Replace – Which Is Best?

One question that faces owners of damaged smartphones is which is best – repairing or replacing the damaged phone? The answer depends upon different factors, most such as the severity of damage to the phone, the cost of a replacement, etcetera.

There is a tendency for people to simply replace their damaged phone, however, is this the best solution?

One benefit of repairing a phone is that it can be far more cost effective than replacing it. For instance, the cost of replacing the glass lens of a Samsung S6 is £79.99, whilst a new replacement S6 would be around £250.

Another benefit of repairing a device that cannot be reflected by cost is regaining access to the customer’s personal files. There have been multiple instances where, due to the hardware failure of a phone, files that were on it can no longer be accessed, for example, when the screen stops functioning. Although an entire screen replacement may only be slightly cheaper than a replacement phone, it will mean that the user can again access precious files such as images and videos that would otherwise have been lost.

A phone repair is also ideal when you have no other issues with the phone and do not want to replace it. It may have certain features that are particularly useful, such as a removable battery, which has now become rare on newer phones. Alternatively, it may simply be a phone that you understand and ‘get along’ with.

Repairing a phone is also likely to be faster than waiting for a new phone to be delivered, which is ideal for those who rely upon their phone. Repairs can be arranged so that they cause the least inconvenience. Although you will be without your phone temporarily, if it does not function anyway this should not be an issue.

In some cases however, replacing a faulty phone makes more sense. A repair may be uneconomical in some situations, for instance if a phone has numerous faults, then it would cost more to repair than to buy a new phone, and as such, a repair would not be practical.

Replacing a phone also gives an opportunity to upgrade. If there is a phone that you have had your eye on then perhaps your current phone becoming faulty provides an excuse to get a new and improved device.

Buying a new phone with a warranty also provides peace of mind should anything go wrong with your new device. All new phones we sell come with a full 12-month manufacturer’s warranty. Refurbished or graded phones are provided with a 90 day Return To Base warranty that covers manufacturing faults only.

However, if you have your phone repaired at Idooka we guarantee the parts we have repaired for 6 months, from the date of collection, and so should anything go wrong you will still be covered.

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