CPR For Your Phone: How To Learn Basic First Aid For Your Smartphone

CPR For Your Phone: How To Learn Basic First Aid For Your Smartphone

With the average smartphone now costing a hefty £430, it’s no wonder that people get a little precious about their devices. While being able to carrying an entire computer around in your pocket is really exciting, the problem is that, when it breaks, your wallet really feels it.

If you’ve saved all year to buy the new iPhone, for example, it’s going to hurt if you drop it and crack the screen or accidentally send it on a spin cycle in your jeans. The good news, however, is that, even after an accident, you can give your smartphone the best chance of survival.

This guide to becoming a smartphone paramedic will help you patch up breaks, cracks, and other faults until you can get it to a repair shop.

Scenario – You’ve Dropped It in the Toilet

This is a surprisingly common issue. If you ask any of the smartphone repairs shops in Essex about iPhone malfunctions, they’ll tell you that toilet drops are an epidemic. The good news is that liquid damage of any kind is usually fixable if you get the device to an expert right away.

What you need to do is remove as much liquid as possible. You can even use a hoover to do this, but don’t use a hairdryer, because it pushes the liquid further inside. Put the phone in an airtight bag filled with dry rice, as this absorbs moisture. Then, take it to a repair shop.

Scenario – The Software is Glitchy

Smartphone owners in Essex have a lot of different options if they need help with a glitchy device. They can search the internet for a possible solution, at least until they get an opportunity to head to the high street for smartphone repairs.

You can also try performing a hard reset. For an iPhone, this works by holding the circular home button and the power button, simultaneously, for 15-20 seconds. It is much like how you’d reset the iPod Classic, for those who remember. Try this if you’ve recently dropped it.

Scenario – The Phone Won’t Charge Properly

Over time, the charging capabilities of a smartphone do degrade, because you’re putting quite a lot of pressure on the battery. This is particularly true if you’re prone to letting it run right down before you power it up again.

The best way to maintain battery health for longer is to charge when it’s about halfway full, instead of waiting until 10% or less. This puts less strain on the phone and helps it perform better. You can also turn down the brightness if you’re looking for a quick, temporary fix.

Scenario – The Screen Is Cracked

The best solution to hardware problems is to find yourself a reliable provider of smartphone repairs. Cracked screens, cases, and connected ports can’t really be tolerated for long, because they stop you getting the most out of the device.

Smaller cracks in the screen are sufferable, but they can be really annoying. Fortunately, they can be repaired in hours. All you have to do is take your phone to an expert and they’ll send you home with a shiny new case and display.

For more advice on diagnosing smartphone problems and arranging repairs, visit iDooka. Or, you can call 01206 851722 to speak to a technician directly.