Broken Phone? Let IDooka Work Magic On Your Mobile Mishap

Broken Phone? Let IDooka Work Magic On Your Mobile Mishap

Let’s be honest, in this day and age, one thing which is guaranteed to ruin your day is a smartphone meltdown. For most of us, being without a mobile device even for a few hours can feel pretty stressful. There’s no checking emails on the go, no scrolling through Facebook, and no chance to respond to that bombshell text you got earlier.

Lucky for you, there’s a quick fire solution. At iDooka, we specialise in Apple and Samsung repairs and we do it really fast too. As we’re based in the Colchester area, customers living locally can have their devices back within just twenty four hours. All you’ve got to do is drop it off, fill our technicians in on the problem, and leave them to work their mobile magic.

Keep reading for info on the services we provide and the kind of breaks and faults our technicians are great at fixing.

Fast Fixes for Smartphones and Tablets

Our talented team is able to repair a broad variety of issues relating to Samsung, Apple, and Sony devices. We carry out Samsung repairs on tablets, as well as phones. So, if drop that fancy Galaxy Tab S on the way to work or university, we’ve got you covered.

We can fix most iPad issues too, and this includes iPad Minis and iPad Pros. As these devices are bigger and a bit more fragile than smartphones, we tend to see lots of cracked screens. It is also surprisingly common for people to spill coffee on them while they work.

Treating Customers the iDooka Way

Our policy is that we’ll make every effort to fix your phone or tablet. However, in some rare cases, this might not be possible. iDooka always performs a preliminary check before starting work to ensure that repairs can be made.

All customers are given a cost estimate before proceeding. You then have the choice to go ahead with the repair or decline and collect your untouched device. We never start a job until we know that the owner of the phone is happy with the diagnosis and quoted priced.

A Range of Long Term Solutions

The good news is that there’s very little we cannot fix. From waterlogged iPhones to chipped screens, cracked cases, broken audio sockets, jammed buttons, and persistent boot up problems; we’ve got the cure.

The only thing we cannot guarantee is the safety of your data. We advise all customers to back up their photos, music, and other media before bringing the device into the store. Often, repairs involve a complete reset of the system and this restores hard drives to a blank state.

The Future of Your Warranty

It’s important to understand that most manufacturers (Samsung and Apple included) build their devices in a particular way. For obvious reasons, they would rather you replace a broken phone with a new one, as opposed to having it repaired by a third party.

So, some repairs do void the original warranty. It means that you can’t ever send it back to the manufacturer for a refund. The thing to remember is that this is a ploy to have you pay more money for a replacement or a repair. Nevertheless, it’s something we want to be clear about.

A New Lease of Life for Your Device

Even if your original warranty is voided by third party repairs, your device will still be covered by the iDooka guarantee. This covers any and all parts which we have added to your phone or tablet. The guarantee lasts for a period of six months, starting from the day of collection.

The only type of repair which is not covered by this guarantee is liquid damage. This is because it’s very hard to tell exactly how much damage has been done, even after drying out a phone. There is a small chance that tiny amounts of liquid may get dislodged and cause further problems after repairs are complete.

For more information on the repairs offered at iDooka, click here to visit our website. Or, call 01206 851722 to speak directly to a technician.They can help you diagnose a fault, give you a cost estimate, and provide directions to the Colchester store.