4 Most Common Phone Faults

4 Most Common Phone Faults

With so much of day-to-day life reliant on your smartphone – with contacts, photos, emails, and social media all on one device – faults with your phone can range from slightly annoying to having a negative effect your day-to-day business.

Fortunately, professional repair teams can easily fix most faults for phones simply and quickly.

Broken Screen

Most of us have been there; a small slip of the hand and your phone is on the floor with the large glass screen cracked or smashed to pieces. As well as looking unappealing, it can make using your phone nearly impossible. Although it may be tempting to keep using your phone as normal if your screen is only slightly cracked, continuing to use it with this damage can lead to more problems such as the screen shattering even more, harm to the components inside the display, and harm to yourself with the small bits of glass. It’s best to get screen repair sorted as soon as possible.

Headphone Jacks & Charger Ports

Headphone jacks & charger ports can face a few issues, such as becoming clogged with dust and lint, making them hard to use, or more significant problems leaving them in need of replacement. A very common issue that can be misunderstood as a more serious one is the clogging up. Being kept in your pockets most of the time, lint and dust from your clothes is bound to make its way into the ports on your phone. This issue can usually be resolved with a simple clear out using toothpicks or cotton buds. Although this is a simple process, you may not feel comfortable poking around inside the delicate ports. Bring your phone down to the professionals for peace of mind. The problem may also be more serious, in which case a simple replacement of the ports will be needed.


Buttons and switches, especially home and lock buttons, are also fairly prone to damage. They can become loose or broken, and their functionality is essential to the easy use of your phone. While both iOS and Android devices offer accessibility settings that allow the buttons functions to be accessed on-screen, but it’s always easy to have the actual buttons working properly.


Finally, broken front and rear cameras are a common fault. Situations that lead to broken screens can also cause camera lens’s to crack, or an internal problem can also stop your camera from working. Either way, this again is a relatively simple fix when taken to a professional repair team.

Repairing Your Phone

Whether your fault is one of these commonly found ones or something else, bring your phone or tablet to iDooka in Colchester, Essex, where our experienced team can carry out repairs for a range of phones by Apple, Samsung, Sony, Nokia, HTC and LG. Our close proximity to the A12 means we also have many customers from Ipswich, Clacton, Harwich, Witham and Kelvedon. If you can’t find a price for the repair you need, your phone is not listed, or you need help with anything else then please contact us on 01206 851722, fill out a contact form, or come to our Colchester store.