4 Most Common Phone Faults

With so much of day-to-day life reliant on your smartphone – with contacts, photos, emails, and social media all on one device – faults with your phone can range from slightly annoying to having a negative effect your day-to-day business.

Fortunately, professional repair teams can easily fix most faults for phones simply and quickly.

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Broken Phone? Let iDooka Work Magic on Your Mobile Mishap


Let’s be honest, in this day and age, one thing which is guaranteed to ruin your day is a smartphone meltdown. For most of us, being without a mobile device even for a few hours can feel pretty stressful. There’s no checking emails on the go, no scrolling through Facebook, and no chance to respond to that bombshell text you got earlier.

Lucky for you, there’s a quick fire solution. At iDooka, we specialise in Apple and Samsung repairs and we do it really fast too. As we’re based in the Colchester area, customers living locally can have their devices back within just twenty four hours. All you’ve got to do is drop it off, fill our technicians in on the problem, and leave them to work their mobile magic.

Keep reading for info on the services we provide and the kind of breaks and faults our technicians are great at fixing.

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CPR for Your Phone: How to Learn Basic First Aid for Your Smartphone

With the average smartphone now costing a hefty £430, it’s no wonder that people get a little precious about their devices. While being able to carrying an entire computer around in your pocket is really exciting, the problem is that, when it breaks, your wallet really feels it.

If you’ve saved all year to buy the new iPhone, for example, it’s going to hurt if you drop it and crack the screen or accidentally send it on a spin cycle in your jeans. The good news, however, is that, even after an accident, you can give your smartphone the best chance of survival.

This guide to becoming a smartphone paramedic will help you patch up breaks, cracks, and other faults until you can get it to a repair shop.

Scenario – You’ve Dropped It in the Toilet

This is a surprisingly common issue. If you ask any of the smartphone repairs shops in Essex about iPhone malfunctions, they’ll tell you that toilet drops are an epidemic. The good news is that liquid damage of any kind is usually fixable if you get the device to an expert right away.

What you need to do is remove as much liquid as possible. You can even use a hoover to do this, but don’t use a hairdryer, because it pushes the liquid further inside. Put the phone in an airtight bag filled with dry rice, as this absorbs moisture. Then, take it to a repair shop.

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Repair or Replace which is best?

One question that faces owners of damaged smartphones is which is best – repairing or replacing the damaged phone? The answer depends upon different factors, most such as the severity of damage to the phone, the cost of a replacement, etcetera.

There is a tendency for people to simply replace their damaged phone, however, is this the best solution?

One benefit of repairing a phone is that it can be far more cost effective than replacing it. For instance, the cost of replacing the glass lens of a Samsung S6 is £79.99, whilst a new replacement S6 would be around £250.

Another benefit of repairing a device that cannot be reflected by cost is regaining access to the customer’s personal files. There have been multiple instances where, due to the hardware failure of a phone, files that were on it can no longer be accessed, for example, when the screen stops functioning. Although an entire screen replacement may only be slightly cheaper than a replacement phone, it will mean that the user can again access precious files such as images and videos that would otherwise have been lost.

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Who Are XS items?

XS Items Idooka Banner

Idooka is the customer facing repair division of XS Items Ltd. XS Items has been trading online since 2005 and is the ‘go to’ site for keenly priced electronics, furniture and fashion.

Idooka was borne from the wholesale repair and refurbishment activities developed within XS Items.

The two organisations are co-located in Centenary House, Colchester making best use of the skills and equipment developed in-house.